Twisty Dish - $35

No more mess or spills with this ingenious 2-in-1 interlocking bowl and mat. Suction keeps mat & bowl in place.

Buzz-Off - Magnetic Door Screen - $29.99

Buzz Off Magnetic Door Screen keeps flying insects outdoors with this ultra fine polyester mesh screen.

Lapdesk - $40

Lapdesk is the personal workstation with built-in cushion you need!!

Fold Away Back Pack - $15

Whether your off on an adventure or walking to school, the FoldAway Backpack from RMD is the perfect backpack!

MotorUp Xtreme Engine Treatment - $49.99

Motor Up Xtreme Engine Treatment. Protection at start-up by treating the metal not the oil! Give you a smoother, quieter, cooler running engine.

Wonder Broom - $25

Give your old broom the brush-off with Wonderbroom, the only broom you’ll ever need! Thanks to those flexible bristles you can sweep, clean and squeegee all through your home inside and out, wet or dry.

Worktop Wonder - $20

The portable cleanup tray that attaches to kitchen cupboards and draws.Helping clear away as you work, And the handy scrapper helps transfer straight from board to pan.

VacPack - $25

Triple your wardrobe and drawer space! VacPack shrinks your items with a standard vacuum to a third of their original size and is also water, pest and dust proof.

Armrest Organiser - $20

Sick of looking for the remote? The Armchair Organiser is the answer! With 6 pockets to store remotes, tablets or your reading glasses. It also has a tabletop to place drinks and snacks!

EasyView Visor - $24.95

Easy View HD. Flip Down Glare Blocker. Stop blinding sun or dangerous glare with the Easy View high density sun diffuser.

DentGone - DIY Dent/Ding Repair Kit -...

Found a ding or dent on your car and you don't want to spent hundreds to fix it! DentGone is the answer! It's so easy to use! Avoid costly bills by repairing it in your garage yourself. DENTGONE IT!

Smart Brolly - $40

The Smart Brolly opens and closes from the inside out, making it the easier, drier way of getting in and out of the rain.

Solar Downlights - $24.99

Solar Outdoor LED Down Lights with Super Bright LEDs. Easy to install with No wires, No mess, No fuss!

Cable Tidy - $15

Sick of messy cable everywhere? Tidy them up with CableTidy. It’s easy to use and you cut to the length you require. It’s also simple to remove cables when you need

Fast Fit Sticky Roller - $20

Clean crumbs, dandruff and pet hair with the amazing Sticky Roller reusable lint roller and when it gets dirty simply clean with water!!

RollNStore - $49.95

Roll & Store. 8 in One Storage System. Keeps Everything In Place. The compact Roll-Up store system that rolls up and out to display everything at your finger tips.

MotorUp Original Engine Treatment -...

Motor Up Original Engine Treatment. Protection and Performance. Extreme Pressure Protection, Improves Power and Performance.

MotorUp Transmission Treatment - $24.99

Motor Up Premium Transmission Treatment. Restores Smooth Shifting. Conditions Seals. For Automatic and Manual Transmissions.

MotorUp Internal Engine Cleaner - $24.99

Motor Up Internal Engine Cleaner. Remove Sludge and Carbon Deposits. Maximises Oil Change Benefits. Prevent Premature Wear.

Power Shower Showerhead - $69.99

Power Shower is just that...Powerful! Using the latest in hydro dynamic technology the shower head creates strong jets of water, even when the water pressure is low.