MotorUp Xtreme Engine Treatment - $49.99

Around 70% of all engine wear occurs when you start your engine. MotorUp Xtreme works at start up, treating the metal in your car’s engine, not the oil.
RMD's MotorUp Xtreme chemically bonds to the metal in your engine, creating a barrier between all moving parts, reducing friction and engine wear.
The result, a considerable improvement in your car’s performance – a smoother, quieter, cooler running engine, more power and acceleration, easier start up, reduced exhaust emissions and improved fuel economy.”

Simply pour a bottle into your engine oil - job done. Whether you have a petrol or diesel,  new or classic, MotorUp Xtreme will protect your engine – and the value of your vehicle.

MotorUp Xtreme Engine Treatment - Treats the metal, not the oil.


  • Protects at Start-Up
  • Smoother, Quieter, Cooler Running Engine
  • More Power & Acceleration
  • Easier Cold Weather Start Up
  • Reduced Emissions
  • ‚ÄčImproved Fuel Economy
  • Works on both Petrol and Diesel Engines
  • Simply pour in oil cap - Job done!!‚Äč

PRICE: NZD $49.99


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