Power Shower Showerhead - $69.99

Power Shower is just that...Powerful!
Using the latest in hydro dynamic technology the shower head creates strong jets of water, even when the water pressure is low.

The Power Shower also uses considerably less water than a normal shower, making it essential where water use
is important.


  • Higher Hydraulic Pressure - The 160 micron holes create a higher shower pressure at lower water pressures. Works on normal pressure as well to control water usage.

  • Save Water - The 160 micron holes also restrict the water usage, while still producing a great shower.

  • Dual Saving Switch - On/Off switch to make shower even more efficient, & control water usage.

  • Silver-Nano Technology- The faceplate contains silver nano particles, preventing bacteria buildup.

  • Easy to Install - The Power Shower head fits most hose fitting on the common shower.​​​

Uses for the Power Shower

  •  Low pressure systems

  •  Low pressure hot water

  •  Tank water supply

  •  Water restriction regions

  •  Large families

  •  Great for baches, boats, motor-homes & caravans

  •  Anywhere water pressure is low or the need to save water!​


Mainfactured from:

ABS Plastic, Chrome Plated

Water flow: 5.6L/min (main pressure, low/unequal pressure system)

Made in Korea

PRICE: NZD $69.99


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