Smart Brolly - $40

Easier living with RMD and the Smart Brolly

Traditional umbrellas can’t open until you're outside getting wet.

The Smart Brolly opens and closes from the inside out, making it the easier, drier way of getting in and out of the rain. It's inside-out action lets it fit through narrow openings and then expands so you don't get wet. And when you take it down, the Smart Brolly catches the rain so it never leaves a puddle on your floor.

It also comes with a vented - double-layered, wind-dispersing design.


  • Clever rain catching design leaves your floors dry when you fold it down.
  • Double-layered, vented and wind-dispersing design
  • Easy inside-out open and close functions - great for fitting through narrow gaps when getting out of car.
  • Available in 3 sleek colours, Black, Red and Blue

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red

PRICE: NZD $40.00