Solar Downlights - $24.99

Solar Outdoor LED Down Lights with Super Bright LEDs.
Easy to install with No wires, No mess, No fuss!

Use on Gutters, Fences, Gates, Railings, Camping - Anywhere.

With simple installation and no wiring you can clip them on almost anything.

Reducing your power bill with solar panels that charge during the day, and with an automatic sensor, switches lights on at dusk and off at dawn.

Lighting up your path with Three Super Bright High Density LED Lights. Set of 2 Down Lights per box. 


  • No wires, No mess, No fuss!
  • 3 Super Bright LED Lights
  • Easy installation to Guttering, Fences, Gates, Railings, Camping - Anywhere
  • Switches on at dusk & switches off at dawn

PRICE: NZD $24.99


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