Wonder Broom - $25

The wonder broom can be used virtually anywhere - on carpets, wooden/vinyl floor, tiles, windows. paths, vehicles, grass, cement, brick etc.
It can also be used wet or dry with or without detergent. (For
optimim use, sweep towards you)

This really is sych a versatile cleaning tool that youll be reaching for it whenever a mess needs clearing up! 

Because the brush head has a very slim design, it can fit into small places, both when cleaning or storing the broom away! 
And because the head is made of hard-wearing rubber, it will not harbour germs and bacteria like a regular broom with bristles.
flexible bristles you can sweep, clean and squeegee all through your home inside and out.


  • Use Wet or Dry
  • Perfect for removing pet hair from your carpets and sofas.
  • Outside sweep your patio and squeegee your windows.
  • Easy to clean - simply rinse under water or pop into the dishwasher
  • Hard-wearing rubber head - doesnt harbour germs or bacteria
  • Slim design, can fit into small places
  • Telescopic handle to extend up to 1.2m


PRICE: NZD $25.00